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Agility and Accuracy

Topographic survey in conjunction with aerial Photogrammetry with low-altitude drone.
Image: Orthophoto Parrot Beak stone in ItajaíSC – Brazil

Volume and Surface

Calculate Digital Elevation Models.
The image in the background is a high-resolution orthophoto of a topographic survey made in Itajaí-SCBrazil in Parrot‘s beak stone.

Details that make the difference

Richness in details, especially in areas of difficult access.
Image: contours extracted from the DEM above an orthophoto of a topographic survey in Itajaí-SC-Brazil in the Parrot’s beak stone

Terrain analysis

Maps of slope in degree or percentage, land use map, simulations, 3D models, CAD, GIS-referenced orthophoto and Google Earth are some of the available analyses.

Image: Contours with 10 cm intervals over Digital Elevation Model

Services and Applications

Points Clouds

Basic product of photogrammetry. Can be measured georeferenced coordinates in 3D


In high resolution and georeferenced it allows to import for CAD and GIS software for jobs with 2D measurements.

Orthophotography for Google Earth

Orthophotography in the KMZ format enables 2D queries and measurements directly in Google Earth.

Digital Elevation Model

The digital elevation model allows the extraction of data concerning terrain heights and various analyzes in CAD or GIS software.

Land Use Map

For a detailed analysis of the terrain surface, divisions of areas and resources being used.

Declivity map

Required for environmental and geological studies. Can be provided in Degrees and Percentages.

Flood Simulation

Online and interactive resource where flood quotas can be easily viewed and manipulated derived from the digital elevation model.

3D Models

Online view of the terrain situation. It basically consists of a 3D textured elevation digital model


We use post-processed Geodetic GPS to provide the highest accuracy in topographic surveys.

Point Cloud

The point cloud is the basis of photogrammetry. After processing can easily extract three-dimensional coordinates and generate various files for analysis and ground measurements. The following image is from a topographic survey at Pedra do Bico do Papagaio in Itajaí – SC – Brazil


Resolution mm/pix


Millions of Points


It is an image that was orthorectified or whether it has been geometrically corrected to eliminate distortions and coincide with a parallel projection plane, thus allowing use in bidimencionais measurements in various CAD and GIS software.

The advantage of including a geo-referenced orthophotograph in a project is the richness of detail that can be obtained in addition to the normal topographic survey.

Detail of a paving brick that is placed on the stone of the parrot’s beak near the top.

For Google Earth

The orthophoto can be exported to the KMZ format. Used with google earth mainly for quick queries to clients. The images are a comparative between the original Google earth image and the orthophoto image.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Through a DEM file it is possible to work with elevations for contours generation, slope map, volume and surface calculation.

The image below represents the contours generation extracted from a DEM (grayscale image).