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3D Model – CAM 160429

 3D model

Three-dimensional online interactive model including VR, where it is possible to make a visual query of the area where the topographic survey was carried out. The objective of this model is to know and visually share the terrain situation, land use, building areas, reliefs, vegetation, water resources. At last it is as if possession possible to be flying over the place to know it.

This model is constructed from a Digital Surface Model (MDS) and the textured orthorectified images droped on the mesh.

Help Navigation and Controls:

Navigation can be in orbital or first person mode.


Camera movement: 1 finger to drag or left mouse button

Pan: 2-fingers to drag or right-click or SHIFT + left mouse button

Zoom in object: Double-click or double-click the object

Decrease Zoom: Double-tap or double-click the background

Zoom: Pinch in / out or Mousewheel or CTRL + Left mouse button

First Person

Move: ↑,←,↓,→ (or W,A,S,D)

Look around: 1-finger drag or Left Mouse Button

Adjust speed: Mousewheel

Orthophotography – CAM 160429


It is an image that has been orthorectified or whether it has been geometrically corrected to eliminate distortions and coincide with a parallel projection plane, thus allowing the use of two-dimensional measurements in various CAD and GIS software.

The advantage of including a geo-referenced orthophoto in a project is the richness of detail that can be obtained in addition to the normal topographic survey.

Example of orthophotography WEB online

Open the image for online viewing where you can browse and zoom.

Image – Ortophoto on QGIS for Tematic maps


Orthophotography sample to online view